Saturday, October 03, 2009

Hawaii-Day 1


The drive into Seattle was horrible on the 5. Raining, dark, black asphalt, poor lighting, narrow lanes, big trucks, speeding, crowding. ME....driving slower, white knuckled, leaning over the steering wheel till my back ached. Directions to the hotel is something I recognize....almost there...whew. So glad we decided to go the night before. Reservations for the shuttle recommendation of the hotel clerk, leaving at 7:30 would be plenty of time. Up at 6:30. Come up to the room to do web check-in, and although the flight doesn't leave till 9:20, boarding at 8:25 Back down to the lobby to reset the shuttle time to 6:30, wake up at 5:30. No need to be stressed to get through security, etc....after all...this is vacation.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Argosy Scarf

I have about 7 repeats left on section 2 before I start section 3. I am really disappointed with the Noro Silk Garden Lite yarn. When it came time to add the new skein, I had to take out about 20 feet of the yarn and splice before I ended up with the yarn in the right place to continue with the pattern of the stripes. This is something I might expect with cheaper yarn. I have thought of knitting something big with this yarn, like a sweater, but may need to reconsider. Also the yarn is not very soft considering it is 45% silk.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Argosy Scarf

Here is the progress of my Argosy scarf. At this point, I have done about 8 repeats of the second section. I don't really like how much dark yarn there is, but we will see how it flows with the rest of the scarf. I also hope the yarn softens up some. I am knitting this with Noro Silk Garden Lite, in color #2017.

BSJ #1 Complete

I finally got the 2nd shoulder seamed and the buttons put on. See how the buttons match the yarn? Just like they were made for the yarn :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

I Am Now Gainfully Employed!!

After a disappointing couple weeks in the job hunt, I finally am back at work :) I finally went in to the local employment agency, to finish the process I had started with them, some 4 months ago. I had my appointment on July 24th and had a call from them on the 1st. They had a position at the local Cable TV company (Wave Broadband) and I started the next day!!! I am really enjoying the job. It seems to have enough variety to keep it interesting. The gals in the office are great as well. Imagine being able to be at work, listen to music (country music, yeah!) and listen to movies. And I get paid to do this!!! Can you see me doing the "Happy Dance"? It is a full-time, M-F job, so knitting will take a hit. Hopefully, I can at least get the 2nd BSJ finished so I can get them out in the mail this week. I don't have much to do.....seam one shoulder, knit the collar and attach the buttons.

BSJ #2 Complete

I finally got the shoulders seamed up, the collar put on and the buttons attached. Not bad for my very first sweater. Can't wait to make one for myself!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Baby Surprise Jacket #2

I added the cuffed sleeve to this, so it makes it look even odder that before. The cuffs are at the top left and right of the photo. Now I need to sew it up, add the collar and then the buttons.


I can't really be two weeks since my last post.....can it??

My step dad Bob, returned home from the hospital after a three day stay. They found that his kidney's weren't working well. After many tests, they found that, although he is 76, one would never know it by his tests!! He has a 20% loss of one of the kidney's and was also put on Plavix. The next day, he was out riding the lawn mower and mowing our grass!! Mower had been down for over three weeks, and he felt bad, so came out and helped. Sheesh, Bob, take a break!!!!

They are still "watching" the area of the fire from a couple weeks ago. Amazing that after so much time, a fire could still restart. It is calming, knowing that they are keeping a watchful eye over us.

On the job front. I did hear about the job at the paper. Went to someone "in house". Still looking. I did go to an employment agency last week. Still waiting to hear about something there. Did some more online testing. Apparently something coming up the end of this week.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

2nd....Stepdad Rushed to the Hospital

Not 12 hours later, I was getting a call from my mom telling me that Bob had had a stroke. I rushed to the hospital, and by the time I had gotten there, Bob was doing 1000 times better than when he arrived. Thank God. They said he actually had a TIA, apparently a pre-cursor to a stroke. He didn't permanently loose any functions. They did keep him overnight, and possibly for a couple days, to run some other tests. A blood test at the hospital indicated that there is something wrong with his kidney. I wasn't allowed to see him and later they told my mom to go ahead and go home, as they had to find a room for him. I took mom home, and went to my interview. Went back late afternoon to make sure mom was taking care of herself. So had dinner with the two of them. Am on my way back to the hospital. Updates to follow.

First.....A Fire in the Woods

The last couple days have been strenuous in other areas as well. I received a phone call from my mom (she lives right up the road from us) at 11 p.m. Monday evening. There was a fire not too far away. We live in a heavily forested area , so of course this was frightening. I watched the skies for about 1 1/2 hours and finally went to bed. Around 2 a.m. I awoke and thought I smelled smoke in the house. I wandered around in my half-awake state, saw nothing, and went back to bed. I think my subconscious was playing tricks on me. They were still watching smoldering stumps late into the afternoon on Tuesday. Phew....we avoided evacuation.

Still Waiting.....

Unfortunately, I am still waiting to hear from the paper. I had hoped to hear something yesterday. Needless to say, I am now feeling down. I thought the interview went so well. Since I have been out of the work force for some time now, I guess I read signals the wrong way. I had so hoped that I would be offered one of the positions.....Oh well, enough dwelling.

On a more positive note, I did go on another interview yesterday afternoon. The job is for a Payroll and A/P person. Although I am not sure this would be as good of a fit as the position at the paper, it is still a prospect. However, they are relocating to a nearby town, probably in January. It would be a 30 minute commute each way. Possibly car pooling would be an option? The other thing that I was uncertain about, that although it is a full-time position, budget problems might necessitate cutting back hours occasionally. Not sure how I feel about the stability of the company. We shall see. I can decide more if I am called back for a 2nd interview.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Long 4 Days

I interviewed for a job at the local newspaper on Thursday. I emailed my resume and withing 45 minutes I had a call to set up an interview. The job I applied for is for a Front Desk/Receptionist. After talking for a bit, Bonnie noticed my background in bookkeeping and she thought I might be happier in the position as her Assistant. I am absolutely thrilled :) We had a great talk about the two positions....and now I wait to hear from her. She said by I hope I hear tomorrow. It is all I have been able to think about most of the weekend. It is a great opportunity. The benefits are great as well. The receptionist job is 40 hrs/wk and the assistant job is 30, but at a higher wage. I would be thrilled to be offered either one.

If you can, please send some positive thoughts my way!!! Will post more when I hear.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thought of the Day

I found this very interesting:

Study your non-material assets

We are not often asked to have a list of assets and liabilities non-materially~~Sark

Assets (what you have)


Liabilities (what you owe)


What are yours?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thought of the Day

Believing in Goodness

"The light at the end of the tunnel is a freight train....but God is driving!"

"It is easy to believe in goodness when good things are happening. When there is pain, horror, neglect or evil, it is profoundly more difficult." ~~Sark

Things have been difficult around me lately, but I also know that if I remember to look, good things are right around the corner. I start my day, knowing that I can bring happiness to some one, with a gentle touch, a kind word, a sincere smile. This in turn brings me happiness. Look for the Goodness. It is all around :)

I got lost in my life........

It seems once again, that life has gotten the better of me. For the last 4 months, since I went back to work, time has just flown by. Adjusting to working outside the home, strange schedules, being on my feet all day and being gone from the house and family so much, has taken its toll. I have been exhausted, chores have gone undone and I haven't been around for the family. So after 3 months of working at WalMart, I quit. I am now working in the kitchen of Park View Villas, which is a retirement community, where some of the residents are on assisted living. I took the job because I was promised full-time hours, working a shift that would allow me to be home for family dinners and weekends. Unfortunately, so far, that is not what has happened. The company is in a small turmoil right now, and I have been promised that a "shake up" is coming next week. They are impressed with my work, and promise me that I am one of the ones they want to make happy. I will get the hours I want. I also have hopes of taking the Activities Director job when it becomes available in a couple months. I do enjoy being around the elderly.....listening to their them some personal time. Yes, the work is hard, but very rewarding :)

Baby Surprise Jacket #2

This is another Baby Surprise Jacket. The yarn is also from Universal Handknitting Yarns, and is white with speckles of blue, pink and yellow, called Showers. I am using a solid pink yarn by the same company, for the stripes.


Baby Surprise Jacket #1

I finished knitting this some time ago.....where does the time go?? Well, actually I still need to add the cuffs and a collar and it still needs to be sewn up, but that happens after I do the cuffs. It is hard to tell from the picture, but the buttons have the same colors throughout. I couldn't have found better buttons, thanks to my daughter :) This sweater is for my BF's new granddaughter. I plan to make a larger one for her "Big Sister" The yarn is by Universal Handknitting Yarns called Playtime. It is variegated with blue, pink, purple, mint green and white.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thought of the Day

Begin whatever calls to you

"If you get quiet, and turn your thought inward and listen closely you can hear a small voice calling you. Follow that voice. I am often in the clutches of my "inner critic", which tells me what I should do, and leaves very little or no room for serendipity, or a new beginning. So, I practice listening for that voice of new beginnings.

Begin a new way of living ....."~~Sark

My new way of living is finding a job, networking with real people, forming new friendships. Laughing more, criticizing less, live more.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Thought of the Day

Beginnings need variety

"Beginnings can be treacherous. Sometimes I agonize so completely over ever beginning, that I collapse under the covers and say "I give up." Often after this, I get up as if in a trance and sit down with the work. Some kind of shape floats into consciousness, and I focus intently on it, until I recognize how to describe it. If i begin something in one location, and it isn't working, often a movement in any direction will bring in fresh energy. So, I move around a lot.

Begin again...and again...and again."~~Sark

There are so many things that I need to "begin" again. Begin again to organize my life, my home, my personal achievements, my well-being. I have neglected so much of myself, so much of my surroundings. I have wallowed in self woe. I have to "begin" to redefine myself.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Thought of the Day

I have decided to try posting a thought a day, to give me something to post/talk about. I bought this wonderful book called "Living Juicy Daily Morsels for Your Creative Soul" a few months ago. It is written by Sark.

Todays quote:

Beginnings Are:

That first paragraph, a
single step, a solo note,
the touch of a gas pedal,
a blank envelope, a brush
stroke, that first phone call.

Begin now
Begin where you are
Begin It

Sometimes I begin something 100 times before
it takes hold and develops its own momentum.

... All my beginnings are important ~~Sark

My new beginnings ... to find something that inspires me today ....

Spring blossoms. The rain has stopped. The sun is shining. The dark cloud over my family is beginning to float away. My daughter is home from the hospital :)

Kristen is Home

Kristen was released from the hospital yesterday. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. She is still really tired, but soooo glad to be able to sleep in her own bed.

Monkey Socks

My newest pair of socks, for me, are called Monkey socks :) The pattern is from
I am using my TOFUtsies yarn on 2 size 2 circulars. Cast on 64 stitches. The top of the cuff is knitted with a twisted stitch, (through the back loop) First time I have done this. It was difficult at first to do, but is getting easier with each round :)

Felted Laptop Bag

I am trying my hand at felting again. This time, I have made sure the yarn is 100% wool and not a super wash wool!! The yarn is by Universal Yarn, Inc called Blue Passion. The yarn looks more like a purple to me. It has purple, turquoise and pink running together. I am knitting on circulars size 15, with 130 stitches. It is hard to tell in the photo, but the flap tapers down to a triangle.

A Touch of Pretty :)

These beautiful branches came from two of our fruit trees. A cherry plum tree and a cherry tree. Thing is, he trimmed these branches off some three weeks ago. While driving home the other day, I saw them on the ground.....blooming. How bizarre. I thought they would look great in a tall vase. So there you go!!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

And Then.....

I get a call from Kyle, from school, asking me to pick him up because he broke his finger playing basketball. Sheesh....when does this black cloud hanging over me go away? So, we spent almost 4 hours at the ER. Had x-rays and waited and waited and waited. Then a code blue was called to the ER. Prayers being said. Wait, wait, wait. Finally, we get called back. Computers are down. X-ray can't be read. Wait, wait, wait. They can't read the x-ray as they are all digital now and need the computer to read them. They decide to go ahead and splint, since the treatment is the same whether broken or sprained. Five hours later Kyle is complaining that he wants to take splint off. No, is the response. Why, the debate begins. It needs to stay on to heal, the response. The debate, we don't know it is broken or not. Response, it stays on, go to bed.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

It goes from bad to worse

I just talked to Kristen at the hospital tonight. She has E-coli in her bloodstream, her hemoglobin's are dropping and her liver is not functioning right. This is especially bad for her because of her low immune system. I am waiting for a call from her dad to let me know how bad it really is. I should be there with her. I am 1200 miles away and my trip to see here isn't till next month. May have to see if I can change my travel plans.

Just when you think things are going great

The sky opens up and things come crashing down. All in a matter of a couple weeks. My oldest son, Corey (21), who moved up here to go to college, just quit his job. Just when we were finally not paying his way, it begins again. Gas money, insurance, cell phone, walking around money. Hubby's raise wasn't what he expected, promised. He is actually insulted. Younger son in trouble at school, not doing schoolwork, horsing around, 3 day suspension. My oldest daughter, Kristen is back in the hospital. She has an UTI, which moved into her blood-stream. Her doctor called her yesterday with the lab work results and told her to go to hospital. She has bacteria in her blood and is dehydrated. Since she had the bone marrow transplant, her immune system still is not at 100%, so little things can get serious for her. We owe taxes. The first time ever, having to pay. We had taken some money out of David's IRA to live. Paid taxes on that, but the government imposes a 10% penalty as well. This most of all, just &#$%%# me off. It is his money. He did pay taxes on it when he took it out. Why does the government think they deserve any more of it? Because of that, we lost the EIC. David's salary is about 1/3 of what it was in California. Cost of living is less here in Washington, but not 1/3 less. So, we did what we had to do to keep a roof over our head and food on the table. Now we get penalized big time for it. If we had gotten the EIC and no penalty, we would've had a refund of about $3500, now we owe almost $5000. The penalty wasn't that much. It is all because we lost the EIC. I am at a loss as to how we are going to handle this. We live less than paycheck to paycheck. I have already cut the monthly expenses a lot. There is just no more places to take from. I feel like I am in quicksand. Disappearing fast. No rope to grab.

I know we are told God doesn't give us more than we can handle. But, come on, my folder is really, really full.

Despite the fact that it is in the low 40's....

Spring is springing!! To the left are my tulips budding. The photo on the right is our cherry plum tree blooming. I love this time of year, just wish it was warmer. Soon the bougainvillea's will be popping up. The roses have new growth. I just love my roses. Need more, but, that takes time :)

Finished Corey's Thuja Socks

Well, I finally finished the socks for Corey :) Although a inch and a half doesn't seem like much (over the size I usually make), when knitting with such small needles, it seems like a foot!!! Get it! LOL :) Anyway, I am glad that they are finally done. Hubby saw them and now wants a pair. That will come, as I don't have suitable yarn for guy socks, and I am on a yarn diet.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's Snowing Outside :)

Well, it is finally sticking!!! It has been trying for the past couple days, but only does it for a few minutes, never sticking. I had just made a comment to my son this afternoon about whether it would actually do enough to get the ground white. Not two hours later, here it is :)

Celebrating my Daughter's Life

I am so excited. I have made all the arrangements to fly back to CA to spend a week with my two daughters, Kristen and Katelin, and my grandson Donovan. April 27th is the annual reunion for BMT (bone marrow transplant) recipients, at the City of Hope. I am going to celebrate Kristen's life :) On March 10th, she will be celebrating 2 years of being cancer-free. As some of you may remember, last year we were told the cancer was back, but prayers were answered, and the doctor's had just been a bit too cautious. Later scans showed she was/is okay :)

So, I get to spend a week with them, and am also planning to visit my best friend, Kathy, for a weekend. Now, just to get the next two months to pass quickly!!!

Corey's Thuja Sock

I finally finished the first sock for my son Corey. Not sure why it took so long to finish....well, actually, truth be known, I "frogged" many times. More times than I care to admit. Guess too much wandering around in my head. Anyway, as you can see, it fits perfectly :) He is anxious to have the 2nd one done. I am about 2 1/2" into it. I promise I will be more diligent on this one, and pay more attention. I need to get this one done, and work on the 2nd one for my mom, as she gets her cast off on Monday. Hopefully she doesn't need another one.